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Student pilot lifestyle

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

I get asked a lot what my schedule is like. So my lifestyle as a student pilot… well it’s pretty fun. It wasn’t always like this though. Ground school is a really tough experience. For me, for those seven months my life pretty much consisted of studying, eating and sleeping - and I’m sure most people on my course would agree that their lifestyle was pretty similar.

However, since I got my 14 passes, I’ve pretty much been living my perfect lifestyle, mainly because I love the sun and flying, which is basically what my days consist of, but also because after those seven months of hard work, it’s nice to finally be putting all of my work into practice.

My schedule consists on average of flying 3 times a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. This week I flew 6 times, but other weeks I might not be as lucky, due to for instance the weather or aircraft availability. The afternoon before my flight, I study the lesson content and plan the flight. Having completed ground school already, I find it much easier to understand the lesson content as I already have the basic knowledge. The day of the flight, we have to arrive at school an hour before meeting our instructor. In this hour, we pre-flight, check the weather, complete all of the documents such as frat forms, weight and balance, and performance calculations. Then we have a brief with our instructor and go flying. If you aren't in the solo flying phase, you typically get two days off a week which are your instructors weekend, but if you have solos to complete you can fly any day of the week. In my time off, I pretty much spend my time by the pool, at the lake, hiking or exploring a new city. This is my average day to day lifestyle, and some might say it’s the perfect life, but I’ve worked so so hard for it.

The other day my friends and I met with someone who we met through Instagram and were lucky enough to see the Falcon Warbirds hangar and this T28. Got to love the power of Instagram to connect us with each other😅

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